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It's Nonsense Soccer day!

Hello, everyone! This being my first release on Itch, you probably don't know anything about me. I'm Antti and I make games. When it's office hours, I work at Parta Games (I also co-founded it!). During the nights, I do experimental things, like this game here.

Nonsense Soccer is an arcade-y platformer-soccer-hybrid. It's a  kinda wonky soccer game for two players and is now up for grabs if you want to be an early adopter. And yes, it's free for the time being, so no worries on me emptying your bank account (but you could donate if you like the game or if you like the idea of me getting some food and shelter!).

The project page is pretty up-to-date about detailed information regarding this game, so I'm not going to parrot it here. It also contains my initial plan for upcoming updates, so if you like the game, please check out what's in store in the future.

I hope you have fun playing Nonsense Soccer!

Antti Kolehmainen

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Feb 04, 2020

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